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Subsea Services

  • Panther Plus ROV
    Panther Plus ROV
  • SPM Services
    SPM Services
  • Offshore IRM
    Offshore IRM
  • KMB Hats & Fibron Umbilicals
    KMB Hats & Fibron Umbilicals
  • Jacket Maintenance
    Jacket Maintenance
  • Hose Change Out
    Hose Change Out
  • DSV
  • Dive & ROV System Fitted
    Dive & ROV System Fitted
  • Mobile Launch & Recovery System
    Mobile Launch & Recovery System
  • Containerized Dive System
    Containerized Dive System
  • Wet Welding Specialists
    Wet Welding Specialists

Offshore Oil & Gas

Beacon Offshore specializes in Inspection, Repair and Maintenance (IRM) projects on mobile and fixed offshore installations in the S. E. Asia region. Work is conducted from our purpose-built support vessels with integrated dive and ROV systems, or from vessels of opportunity fitted with our mobile, containerized ROV and dive systems. Dive systems are built to IMCA D023 and maintained to IMCA D018.

  • Dive & ROV Support Vessels
  • IRM on Fixed and Mobile Installations
  • UWILD on FPSOs and MODUs
  • Containerized Dive & ROV Systems
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Pipeline Free Span Survey & Correction
  • Coded Wet Welding
  • Construction Support
  • 24hr Fast Response
  • Propeller Inspection
    Propeller Inspection
  • Triple E
    Triple E
  • Salvage & Oil Spill Operation
    Salvage & Oil Spill Operation
  • Propeller Blade Repair
    Propeller Blade Repair
  • Brush Kart
    Brush Kart
  • Hull Cleaning
    Hull Cleaning
  • Inshore Dive Support Boat -
    Inshore Dive Support Boat - "Beacon 1"
  • Propeller Polishing
    Propeller Polishing

Merchant Shipping

The Company provides the full range of underwater services required by merchant ships in all Thai ports. Well equipped work-boats with integrated dive systems are based in Laem Chabang deep sea port and mobilized to ports and anchorages throughout the Gulf of Thailand.

  • Classification UWILD
  • Sea-chest and Discharge Blanking
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Under Water Repairs
  • Full Hull Cleaning by Hydraulic Brush Kart
  • Propeller Polishing & Repair
  • Salvage & Vessel Charter
  • 24hr Fast Response
  • Cable Lay
    Cable Lay
  • Seabed Clearing
    Seabed Clearing
  • Specialist Diver Inspectors
    Specialist Diver Inspectors
  • Caison Installation
    Caison Installation
  • Hose Change-Out
    Hose Change-Out
  • SCUBA Replacement Package
    SCUBA Replacement Package
  • Flexible Installation of Systems
    Flexible Installation of Systems
  • Mobile Containerized Systems
    Mobile Containerized Systems
  • Qualified Divers
    Qualified Divers
  • Trenching
  • Pipe Line Work
    Pipe Line Work
  • Dive Work Boat -
    Dive Work Boat - "Beacon 2"

Marine Civil Engineering

We have over 25 years of experience bringing together the appropriate spread of people and equipment to successfully support any marine civil engineering requirement, from simple cable landings to complex dredging assignments.

  • Containerized mobile dive systems
  • Sea-Bed Survey (CCTV, Side-Scan, As Built)
  • Subsea Cable & Pipeline Installation
  • Trenching & Post-Lay Burial
  • Cathodic Protection Installation
  • Under Water Repairs
  • Jetty & Harbor Construction Support

Subsea Services

Subsea Services


  • Diving & ROV Contractor

  • Underwater Inspection Repair & Maintenance

  • IMCA & Classification Approved
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Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment


  • Fire & Safety Systems Sale & Service

  • Classification & Manufacturer Approved

  • Liferaft & Lifeboat Servicing

  • Fire Fighting Systems

  • Hydrostatic Testing

  • Calibration & Refilling

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Rope Access

Rope Access


  • IRATA Certified Training & Service

  • NDT Examinations

  • Surface Protection & Coating

  • Welding & Mechanical Repairs

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