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Servicing Thailand and South East Asia

Initially incorporated in Thailand in 1982, Beacon Offshore is an ISO 9001:2008 certified and Classification approved company, providing a broad range of maritime services to clients in Thailand and S.E. Asia. With headquarters near Laem Chabang deep-sea port on the Eastern Seaboard, a branch operation in Songkhla and representative office in Bangkok, the Company has easy access to all Thai ports and excellent connections to major ports and airports in the ASEAN region..

Beacon Offshore offers an extensive range of quality services to the offshore oil & gas, merchant shipping, marine civil engineering and petrochemical industries from three main divisions:

The Company is managed by dedicated professionals with strong regional backgrounds and significant experience within their fields of operation.
  • Company Offices
    Company Offices
  • Laem Chabang HQ
    Laem Chabang HQ
  • Bangkok Offices
    Bangkok Offices
  • Songkhla Workshop
    Songkhla Workshop

With headquarters in Thailand near the deep-sea ports of Laem Chabang, Sattahip and Map Ta Phut, and a large branch operation in Songkhla, Beacon Offshore is well positioned to service the entire ASEAN region.

The Company was initially formed in 1982 (trade-name Mermaid’s Marine Services) to provide annual servicing of liferafts for merchant vessel, as the first such accredited operation in Thailand. Diving services were added to the portfolio in 1987 and in 1995 the Company merged its operation with a Thoresen Thai Agency Pcl subsidiary and renamed itself Mermaid Maritime Ltd. (listed on the Singapore stock exchange in 2007).

Throughout the 1990s and the early 2000s, the Company expanded in the offshore oil & gas sector by acquiring dive-support vessels, platform-supply vessels and tender drilling rigs. At the apex, the Company’s fleet counted a dozen such vessels.

In 2006, the safety equipment servicing business was spun off from Mermaid Maritime and acquired by an investor group headed by Ole Teigen, a former senior executive and major shareholder of Thoresen Thai Agencies Pcl. The Company was then named Mermaid Safety Services.

Other Mermaid Maritime founders and executives – Claus Jorgensen, Kim Jorgensen and Stuart Walker – left Mermaid Maritime in 2011 to create Beacon Subsea, a successful Diving and ROV contractor.

In March of 2013 Mermaid Safety Services and Beacon Subsea joined forces in an all-share merger transaction and named the merged company Beacon Offshore Ltd.

Today Beacon Offshore is incorporated in Thailand and strategically located near Laem Chabang, on the Eastern Seaboard, and in Songkhla, near the Malaysian border. A representative office on Wireless Road in Bangkok provides office and conference facilities for visiting clients and business partners.

The Company currently employs about 100 full time professionals and draws on a data-base of additional 400 skilled technicians on contract terms.

We aim to be market leaders within our chosen fields of operation by always being the company that best understands and satisfies the needs of the customer in a safe, flexible and cost effective manner.

Facilities & Locations

Location Details
Laem Chabang HQ 16,000 sqm freehold land in Industrial Estate
2,700 sqm safety equipment workshops and 500 sqm offices
700 sqm warehouse & diving equipment workshop
Songkhla Branch 3,140 sqm leasehold
1,900 sqm workshop, warehouse and office
Bangkok Office Offices
Conference Rooms
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