Casing Guide Frame Recovered Onto OSV “Crest Hydra”

2019 – Casing Guide Removal

Cut out by diamond wire cutter and removal by WROV of redundant casing guide frame


2019 Platform Casing Guide Frame Removal

Platong Field, Thailand

Main Assets Deployed:
OSV “Crest Hydra” – Triton XLR Work Class ROV System

Scope of Work
Scope of work comprised engineering analysis including development of rigging plan and risk assessment to extract and remove a platform casing guide frame. Following an as-found ROV survey, to verify the guide frame position within the platform, the subsea rigging was attached and the guide frame cut free with ROV diamond wire cutter and safely removed from the structure.
The guide frame was subsequently recovered by crane to the OSV “Crest Hydra”.

OSV “Crest Hydra” Mobilized With Triton XLR WROV

Triton XLR Launched From OSV “Crest Hydra”