OSV “Endeavour” with Daughter Craft “Beacon 2”

2017 – PTTEP ACFM Inspection Program

Underwater node weld inspection campaign for GBN Jacket Lift Extension


ACFM Node Weld Inspection – GBN Jacket Life Extension

Greater Bongkot North Field, Thailand

Main Assets Deployed:
OSV “Endeavour” – Daughter Craft “Beacon 2” – Merlin 2000 Work Class ROV

Scope of Work
To conduct underwater node weld inspection campaign to verify weld integrity and re-baseline the platform fatigue life. The general scope included surface preparation and underwater inspection by CVI, ACFM and MPI techniques for 54 nodes on 11 jacket structures. Due to restricted access between jacket structures of the central complex, the AIR diving campaign was conducted mostly from the Daughter Craft “Beacon 2” while the ROV scope was carried out simultaneously from the OSV “Endeavour”

AIR Dive System Launch Area (Merlin ROV Launched to Port)

Diver ACFM Inspection