Triton XLR WROV Fitted with Anode Retro Clamp

2018 – Anode Installation

Retrofit installation of anodes on platform and 200 km pipeline in Gulf of Thailand


2018 Anode Retrofit Program.

Erawan Field to Khanom Landfall, Thailand

Main Assets Deployed:
OSV “Crest Hydra” – Triton XLR Work Class ROV System

Scope of Work
Installation of retro-fit anode sleds onto Riser Platform and associated subsea natural gas pipeline. Beacon Offshore provided DPII vessel and ROV support for the installation of anodes on the platform and on approx. 200km of pipeline. The design, manufacture and delivery of the anode material and clamping system were provided by other contractors, as were the survey positioning services.

Anode Pod Being Lowered Into position

Aerial Photo of OSV “Crest Hydra”