LTSDS Tower Deployment

2022 – Downhole Logging


Downhole Logging of Plugged Wellheads prior to Removal




Multi-Year Program of Wellhead Decommissioning


Multiple Fields, Gulf of Thailand

Main Assets Deployed:

OSV “Beacon Altair” – Triton XLR Work Class and SeaEye Lynx Inspection Class ROV Systems – LTSDS (Logging Tower Subsea Deployment System)

Scope of Work

Pre-removal survey and recording of internal wellhead condition for integrity of plugs and condition of casing and annulus, using Camera Tool String, MTD (Magnetic Thickness Detector, and MPNNS (Memory Pulsed Neutron-Neutron System) launched from a Beacon Offshore developed LTSDS (Logging Tower Subsea Deployment System) providing a fixed and weather independent launching point for the inspection spread. 

The LTSDS features: 

  • Turret design and stable base
  • Deployed by vessel crane and rigging released by WROV
  • Smart hub drive system with speed control, tension and line-out meter
  • Powered by control umbilical or directly from WROV
  • Approximate in-water weight 1.8 ton


Downhole Cleaning Operation

Downhole Cutting Operation