Remotely Operated Vehicles

ROV Systems

Beacon Offshore owns and operates a diverse range of remotely operated underwater vehicles stretching from mini and compact Observation Class ROVs, through to heavy duty Work Class ROV systems. Our extensive experience in advanced underwater technology enables and improves the reliability and efficiency of any subsea operation.

Triton XLR:

Hydraulic heavy duty, deep-water, but compact Work Class ROV system, designed and built to perform in the harshest of environments.

The compact size coupled with the latest in connectivity, makes this the ultimate system in operational flexibility for survey and construction projects.

Triton XLR Close Up

Triton XLR Launching from OSV “Beacon Altair”


SeaEye Cougar:

Compact, flexible and powerful electric Light Work Class and Observation ROV system.

This vehicle can accommodate tooling and survey skids making this system ideal for most IRM and light work class operations.

SeaEye Cougar Close Up

SeaEye Cougar Launching from OSV “Beacon Altair”


Outland 1000:

This small and highly maneuverable electric system is ideal for small inspection projects.

The system is modular and self-contained, and can be deployed from vessels as well as offshore platforms, offering both flexibility and cost efficiency.

Outland 1000 Observation System

Outland 1000 Optional Transport & Control Van


Other ROV Systems:

Beacon Offshore continues to expand its ROV fleet so please contact us if your preferred systems are not listed here.

Operational Reliability and Customer Focus

Our ROV systems are managed and maintained to the highest industry standards, ensuring reliability and delivering exceptional performance. We are IMCA Contractor Members and employ:

  • A robust planned maintenance systems
  • An externally verified training and competency management system for our operators
  • Certification to international standards
  • Comprehensive onshore technical support
  • Quality assurance through stringent auditing and inspection programs


OSV “Beacon Altair” w. Triton XLR & SeaEye Cougar


Diving & Subsea Engineering

Beacon Offshore is one of S.E. Asia’s premier diving companies with over 30 years of regional experience. All our offshore service vessels have integrated and D023 certified SSDE air diving systems, and we can also deploy our flexible and modular air dive systems to client vessels or onto rigs, as may be required. Saturation dive support is offered with modular systems or through 3rd party DSVs.
Flexible solutions are offered using SRP in combination with standard AIR and SAT diving techniques


SCUBA Replacement Vessel


Our range of diving & subsea engineering capabilities include:

  • Air and saturation diving to IMCA and OGP standards
  • UWILD of mobile offshore units and FPSOs
  • Inspection, repair and maintenance of fixed and mobile offshore units
  • All types of non destructive testing
  • Coded wet and habitat welding
  • Installation of cofferdams and blanking of sea-chests
  • Engineering & installation of nodes and bracings
  • Hose-changeout and decommissioning
  • Cable and Pipeline Services
    • Beach Pull & Trenching
    • Post-lay Burial
    • Recovery & Repair
    • Positioning & Charting
    • Route Survey & Clearance
    • Pre & Post Lay Trenching
    • Protective Armoring Installation
    • In-Service Inspections


Bracing Design & Manufacture

Bracing Installation

Hose Changeout

Inspection, Repair & Maintenance

Integrated Dive Control on OSV “Beacon Surveyor”


Hydrographic Survey & Positioning

Our team of expert offshore surveyors and project management specialists continually grow our reputation for offering a world class service, with our clients’ needs at the forefront of all that we do.

Our expert technical knowledge together with state of the art technology support a wide range of offshore activities, including marine construction projects, rig and mooring operations and seabed survey/IRM services.

FPSO Chain Replacement

FSO Changeout Operations

Pipe Laying Nav Support

Pipeline Laydown Nav Support


  • Accurate and precise surface and subsea positioning solutions to support both simple and advanced marine construction projects.
  • ROV mounted cable and pipe trackers together with subsea positioning, video and/or multi-beam echo sounders, all with easy integration to GIS (Geographical Information Systems).
  • Advanced and robust survey and positioning solutions to support all offshore rig and mooring operations.
  • Geophysical, geotechnical and environmental survey solutions for site survey, pipeline/cable route survey, ROV, seabed mapping and pipeline inspection.


Debris Survey Pattern

Survey Suite

Pipeline Multibeam Survey

8 Navimodel Pipeline Eventing


Inspection & Data Management

Beacon Offshore has the experience and capability to provide professional inspection teams and project management to Subsea Pipeline, Platform, & Structural Inspection projects. We are accomplished in the use of many inspection data acquisition and management packages such as VisualSoft, Digital Edge and Netmc. Our NDT portfolio varies from diver intervention, MPI and ACFM to progressive visual inspections from GVI to CVI, including the usual methods of measurements to test the integrity of client subsea assets. We are also certified stockist and supplier of Radiographic Source flooded member detection.

Our Company can provide a full turn-key inspection and data management service for all subsea asset inspection programs with a commitment for using the latest technologies such as HD photogrammetry and point cloud acquisition.

Data Management & Archiving


  • Visual Inspection: All types of visual inspection from GVI and DVI to CVI
  • Photography: Close up, Stand off, Stereo Photogrammetry
  • Ultrasonics: Ultrasonic Wall Thickness  Meters and A -Scan
  • FMD: Ultrasonic or Active Source (ROV); Certified supplier of Radiographic FMD
  • Crack Detection: Magnetic Particle Inspection & ACFM
  • Basic Measurement: Tape rulers, Pit Gauge, LAM Gauge.
  • Bathy Corrometer: Cathodic Potential Readings (CP).

Intake Slot & Subsea Value Cleaning 

Intake Slots 100% Blocked

Intake Slots after HPWJ Cleaning

Subsea Valve Before Cleaning

Subsea Valve After Cleaning


Node Weld Cleaning 

Node Weld Before Cleaning

Node Weld After Cleaning for DVI


Laser Measurement & Member Dectection 

Laser Measurement for Photogramic Survey

Flooded Member Detection